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MATH is one of Arab, regional and international leading providers of; Training, Capacity Building, Talents Development, information and knowledge dissemination of; Hi Tech, Management & Business Skills, and Life Skills, to guarantee the achievement of Success in work and life.

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Our expert teams provide top quality training to individuals and organizations of all sizes and every type of activity; ranging from leading multinationals to small, innovative start-ups and from governments to charities and individuals.
From understanding how training can help you and your business enhancement to developing, implementing, monitoring and empowering, we can support you all the way.
Whether you are the first-time trainer, or looking to take your career in training to the next level, MATH offers proven beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in training and development
MATH is a leader in the innovative inter-professional technology and high-tech education.

Our Misson

Training and Development Academy is the realization of MATH strategic goal to develop exceptional educational facilities and infrastructures to keep MATH at the forefront of Technology & Hi-Tech education and meet the growing demand for ICT, Business and Life Skills professionals.
MATH providing technology‐rich environment in support of inter-professional and trans-disciplinary learning programs. The programs focusing on training future professionals to become leaders in their domains.
The academy house this new facility, enhancing education space with a simulation, technical skills and ICT knowhow education; new teaching and learning space, including technology‐enhanced active‐learning classrooms and computing labs; and communications technology to facilitate interaction with outer world, trainees, and support teams at other sites.
The mission of the Training Centre is the development and delivery of an optimum training and education in ICT, Business and Life Skills. It is the objective of the Training Centre to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude in the trainees. Courses developed in close consultation and cooperation with top notch providers of such knowledge and experience. The Training Centre identify trends and developments in the selected domains industries and translate these into improvements and adjustments to the training courses and the introduction of new programmes.
Responding to the requirements of a changing environment implies constantly redefining the training centre’s programmes, reworking the contents in the light of the objectives, designing methods best suited to the individual needs of the trainees, and putting these new methods and ways of working into practice. The mission of the Training Centre is to provide high quality training to national and possibly international also and own account operators on all levels from individuals to managers in order to enable further development of trainees in


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